X11 AllowEmptyInput

Bartlomiej Palmowski wszystkie.fajne.loginy.zajete at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 23:01:04 UTC 2008

Wawrzyniec Niewodnicza�ski wrote:
> Hi,
> I have had a great problem with running Xserver.It was starting fine,
> but neither mouse nor keyboard was responding. After some time (and may
> test with xorg.conf working with ZenWalk, Crux 2.3 as well as with no
> conf file) I figured out that the "AllowEmptyInput" option is turn on 
> by default! 
> Adding
>         Option "AllowEmptyInput"        "no"    
> to xorg.conf file resolve the issue.
> Is is general bug of Xorg?
> Wawrzek
> PS.
> I'm using ThinkPad T21.
I've encountered it many times on irc and internet forums (myself as well).

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