Call for testing: Improved Firefox port.

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Mon Mar 3 12:32:38 UTC 2008

Brett Goulder schrieb:
> Attached is a Firefox port

Hmm... didn't see any attachment here. :-(

 > modified with all the changes I intend to
> push into the one in opt once is released, mostly it's further
> debloating for Firefox, however it also includes one change that could
> potentially be disruptive to users: It links all of Firefox's internal
> libraries and extensions statically, into the main binary. This reduces
> disk space consumption, improves start-time performance and doesn't
> break any applications that build against Firefox. Mozilla's own binary
> builds are built this way, in fact.

That makes sense to me.

> The reason this could be disruptive is because the final linking to
> generate the main firefox-bin file requires a lot of RAM, in my
> experience, 512MB minimum or a large amount of swap to compensate.
> This could cause build problems for some users, although Danny Rawlins
> managed to build this port on a system with only 256MB of RAM.

I was able to build opt/firefox on embedded PowerPC with 256MB
successfully. But the build doesn't run. I haven't had time to
have a closer look what's happening there and I didn't tests on x86 yet.
All this needs to be fixed anyway.

> I wanted to post this here to receive further testing before
> is released, so that I don't push something potentially destructive to
> opt.

Push it again or put it in your repo. And please point out where to look
closely for any problems.



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