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Thu Apr 23 03:28:04 UTC 2009

I've written yet another "clean environment" script for CRUX called
clean-build[1]. It is unique in that it uses union filesystems to keep
core intact while testing ports, or use core in multiple envorinments
simultaneously. It requires unionfs-fuse[2] to run, this will change 
when/if the kernel based unionfs is merged.

It's mostly undocumented and there's probably one or two "undocumented
features", but is in a useable state.

I'm currently looking for people interested in such a tool to help
test it further.

How it should work:

$ clean-build initcore
$ clean-build installcore
[ make required changes in core directory, eg: edit config files]
$ clean-build startenv
$ chroot union
[ do stuff in clean environment ]
$ clean-build stopenv

As I said, there's probably a few bugs so YMMV.

At the moment it is only possible to use one overlay, but future
versions will let you stack directories on top of each other. So for
example you could build xorg in an overlay then be able to reuse it
for other environments.

Lucas Hazel <lucas at>
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