CRUX: panic on boot

Joe Gilmour jgilmour at
Mon Jul 6 00:36:24 UTC 2009

goebbels wrote:
> Hello,
> I was trying to install CRUX but all I get on boot is "cannot mount 
> root fs on unknown-block" message.
> I did everything as described in manual, I have also taken some steps 
> to include additional SCSI/ATA/SATA
> drivers into the kernel, but I have no luck.
> Can anyone please tell me how did you get your OS to boot? following 
> instructions from the official manual
> gets me nowhere, even though I installed CRUX via qemu and on a real HW.
> Thanks for any help,
>   marc
> - sorry for HTML, this is how my crippled e-mail client is configured 
> by now, I will change it as soon as possible
This sound most like a lilo or grub config problem.  Make sure you have 
that installed correctly. Also that the file-system that you're using 
for / is in the kernel compiled in not a module.



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