Fw: [NEWS] CRUX PPC 2.5 released

acrux acrux_it at libero.it
Thu Jun 4 11:35:04 UTC 2009

CRUX PPC 2.5 is now available. Supports Apple 32bit "NewWorld" G3/G4
and Apple 64bit G5, Genesi PegasosII and Efika, Acube Sam440ep, IBM
RS/6000 CHRP32 (604e), YDL Powerstation, IBM Intellistation POWER, and
IBM pSeries RS64/POWERn.

CRUX PPC 2.5 is released as two different installation ISO: 32bit and
64bit. The 32bit version is based on a single lib toolchain instead the
64bit one comes with a multilib toolchain. These two versions share the
same ports tree. To increase CRUX PPC usability on pSeries, starting
from 2.5 we do provide ports for some IBM utils.

See the download page!
CRUX PPC - http://www.cruxppc.org/

GNU/Linux on Power Architecture
CRUX PPC - http://cruxppc.crux.it/

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