Slim, X and problems

Wawrzyniec =?unknown-8bit?Q?Niewodnicza=F1ski?= wawrzek at
Tue Mar 3 22:44:21 UTC 2009


For long time I've been using Slim, but it started to make more and more
problematic. It doesn't start during system start :(. Therefore, 
I'm looking for replacement something which doesn't need hundreds dependents.
Could you suggest something please?
I've also noted other nasty Crux behaviour recently. Slim does not start
therefore, I have to start X from commandline. When I want to logout the
system doesn't come back to text console, but screen stays black.
Moreover, Ctrl+Alt+X X={1..6} doesn't work. Do you have any idea why? I
need to stop the whole computer. I'm not sure if I ssh to the machine.

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