Slim, X and problems

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I've had similar issues in the past. I fixed it by using the kernel
framebuffer. All I needed to do was add vga=791 to lilo.conf.

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> Quoting Wawrzyniec Niewodniczañski <wawrzek at>:
>  I'm looking for replacement something which doesn't need hundreds
>> dependents.
>> Could you suggest something please?
>> I've also noted other nasty Crux behaviour recently. Slim does not start
>> therefore, I have to start X from commandline. When I want to logout the
>> system doesn't come back to text console, but screen stays black.
>> Moreover, Ctrl+Alt+X X=3D{1..6} doesn't work. Do you have any idea why? I
>> need to stop the whole computer. I'm not sure if I ssh to the machine.
> xdm doesn't require anything besides standard xorg packages, but I guess if
> you
> are coming from Slim you won't be impressed.
> I would recommend that if you already have KDE/Gnome installed, use
> kdm/gdm.
> The ctrl+alt+x issue might be related to your video card driver.  Are you
> using
> an Intel video card? If so, an update in the kernel or in the
> xorg-xf86-video-intel package could have triggered this behavior.  Just try
> to
> downgrade to a previous version.
> Of course you can ssh to the machine, you can even log into the virtual
> console.
> You won't be able to see what you are typing, but you can reboot/poweroff
> the
> machine.
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> Alan
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