lucas at die.net.au lucas at die.net.au
Tue Mar 10 22:03:19 UTC 2009

As qt4 is becoming more prevalent, I've changed the layout of qt3.

* /usr/share/qt is now /usr/share/qt3
 (the same applies for /usr/include/qt and /usr/lib/qt)

* programs in /usr/bin are now prefixed with -qt3

If anyone has ports that depend on qt3, I highly suggest you test them
against this new version and make the appropriate changes.

I'll leave the changes[1] in the 2.5 branch of my private repo[2] for the
next few days to give people a chance to test the port further.

[1] http://git.die.net.au/cgit/crux/ports/contrib/commit/?id=b7135f8c995de6b85d91c7207182f9fa9ca23c23
[2] git://die.net.au/crux/ports/contrib

Lucas Hazel <lucas at die.net.au>
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