[ANN] CRUX 2.7-rc2 available

Predrag Ivanovic predivan at nadlanu.com
Mon Aug 23 05:04:22 UTC 2010

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010 19:48:30 +0200
Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:

>I'm announcing the second release candidate of CRUX 2.7 (rc1 got lost
>due to cosmic rays).
>Preliminary release notes are available here:
>and the ISO itself is available on our mirrors:
From release notes:
"Besides the usual ISO image, an image suitable
for USB thumbdrives is available from our download mirrors." 

I don't see image for USB thumbdrives on a (few) full mirrors that I checked.
Or should I wait for them to sync?

>Please report problems if you find them :)
Hopefully, none :).But we will see. 

 Satan did it

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