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Martin Kopta martin at
Sat Aug 28 19:06:49 UTC 2010


  I tried CRUX this morning and I spent whole day plaing with it. I am using
Archlinux for about five years, but I must admit, CRUX is even simpler and more
straightforward. Do like.

However, I missed some packages, so I made them.

  abook.tar - address book for mutt
  tree.tar - simple hierarchy listing
  webkit.tar - rendering library, I needed that for 'surf' from
  enchant.tar - needed by webkit (spellchecker from abiword)
  libsoup.tar - needed by webkit (gnome http thingy)
  icu.tar - needed by webkit

Also, I found few packages that won't build right now. I made two patches.

  gnupg.footprint.patch - seems like upstream "invisible" change
  w3m.Pkgfile.patch - common problem with SF

Best regards,
  Martin Kopta
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