web-interface for cups

Кожухов Евгений ulins at yandex.ru
Tue Jan 19 15:21:08 UTC 2010

With new 2010 Year!

  Several month ago I install CRUX-2.6-x86_64 by Fredrik Rinnestam.
CRUX work nice with xfce (and gimp, OpenOffice and another).
  But after "/etc/rc.d/cups start" I can't configure
my printer with the web-interface (http://localhost:631).

     Unable to open listen socket for address ::1:631 -
              Address family not supported by protocol.
     Unable to bind socket for address -
              Cannot assign requested address.

  May be it happen, because my CRUX is pure x86_64?
  On my another OS Gentoo-x86_64 web-interface for cups-1.3.11 work nice.
  Where is solution?

  Thank you.

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