CRUX PPC 2.6 released

acrux acrux_it at
Tue Jan 19 15:29:24 UTC 2010

CRUX PPC 2.6 is now available. It works on Apple 32bit "NewWorld" G3/G4
and Apple 64bit G5, Genesi PegasosII and Efika, Acube Sam440ep, IBM
RS/6000 CHRP (604e), YDL Powerstation, IBM Intellistation POWER, and
IBM pSeries RS64/POWERn. 

CRUX PPC 2.6 is, as usual, released via two different installation ISO:
32bit and 64bit. The 32bit version is based on a single lib toolchain
instead the 64bit one comes with a multilib toolchain. These two
versions share the same ports tree. 

See the download page! 

GNU/Linux on Power Architecture
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