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> Hi,
> I'm starting with CRUX Linux and like it pretty much from what I've seen (especially philosophy).
> My problem is that I've never compiled my kernel, so I don't know what to put and my system would not boot because of that (well I think... I get this error : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on block () ).
> So i wanted to know if I could copy the CD kernel image... Would everything be okay if I was to do that?
> Thanks.
There are three things you need to have compiled right into your kernel, i.e. not as modules:

1) The correct driver for the type of hard drive you are using - SATA/PATA will work for both sata and ide drives, the old IDE driver for traditional ide drives only. 

2) A driver for the filesystem of your root partition - ext2, ext3, reiserfs or whatever you're using.

3) A driver for the hard drive controller on your motherboard; I think most of these are included by default.

You also need to use the correct designation for your root partition in lilo or grub, and in /etc/fstab. For the IDE driver, use hd*, for the new SATA/PATA driver, use sd*.

And make full use of kernel help; it's the best computerised help system ever designed.
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