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Mon May 24 21:58:09 UTC 2010

* justin domingue (justin.domingue at wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using CRUX for about 2 days (still getting my kernel panic, but I will resolve it soon) and I would like to get more people using CRUX, more people thinking as I am (I think the same as CRUX phylosophy). Now, I've got an idea. You probably know They have a distribution popularity rank (HDP or Hit Per Day). As I am talking, Ubuntu is 2357, Mint : 1622, Fedora : 1579, etc (in the last 6 months) . Unfortunatly, CRUX is ranking at 144 this month (less than 40 views!) . It's sad because it has almost no visibility, and people that could eventually try it probably think they isn't a lot of people (community).

That's a noble target but you should have a look at
which says:

(...) Unlike other distributions, the primary goal of CRUX is not to be the most
popular (read: biggest number of users) or to put as many features as possible
into the system. The idea is rather to build a streamlined distribution,
targetted at a specific audience which in turn gets a system without
compromises. (...)

regards, Thomas

Bad user karma.
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