Idea to promote CRUX

Clemens Koller at
Wed May 26 17:12:36 UTC 2010

Hi There!

Am 25.05.2010 20:11, schrieb Tilman Sauerbeck:
> Clemens Koller [2010-05-25 10:32]:
>> So, my biggest wish for CRUX: go for Rolling Releases.
>> That would it make it easier to use/maintain CRUX in production environments.
> I'm just not sure how to do it. How to sanely handle handle ports
> renames, port removals, ABI breaks etc? :|

Well, maybe it's worth looking over the fence how Arch does it?
The user just sees the binary packages, but what's going on behind the scenes?
(I'm quite new to Arch. I just check it out because they do Rolling Releases.)

CRUX should be possible to build these core binaries on the system in a way to
avoid ABI breaks. Maybe it needs rebuilding many dependend ports, but well...
that doesn't matter. I can spend days of compile time for each machine but in
some cases there is just no way to put in some installation media or access
to a console to upgrade the system.

Mounting the .iso and unsquashfs the packages from the installation media works,
but it's IMO more a hack than KISS. (See:



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