Including Kernel to CD(was: Re: Good Idea for CRUX.)

Clemens Koller at
Fri May 28 17:24:55 UTC 2010

Hi, there!

Am 28.05.2010 06:15, schrieb Benedikt Müller:
> And who should decide what the best kernel for a desktop is?
> Additionally, it'll build over an our, cause it must have so many
> drivers and file systems included.

Including a Kernel is IMO a nice thing to get a working installation - quickly.
Well... I would not vote for a "desktop" kernel (including DRI for X and all
these bells and whistles). A simple, fail-safe kernel good for booting the
common filesystems and networking capabilities should be sufficient to get
the first things started after an installation.
Maybe a kernel config similar to the one included with the iso would be
sufficient, maybe some -probe everything- approach is also fine.

But all this is still a question about CRUX philosophy.

IMO CRUX isn't KISS - compiling a kernel for your hardware just isn't KISS
even for the advanced user. I still make some mistakes to suit a (non-modular)
kernel to my hardware if I have to do a config from scratch - even after reading
thousands of code lines during my kernel driver development work in the past.

Or: maybe it's a wise decision to _not_ provide a kernel binary to keep
all the non-professional users away from penetrating the CRUX user base, list
and forum with birdbrained questions (What is Kernel Panic?) and stupid suggestions
(Reinstall... or take some other distro).

Some of you propably avoid the forums of these widespread distros which just
install everywhere with a single click (Windows like) for exactly this reason.

Make your own choice which way you want to travel.
I'm fine with CRUX for simple servers and development, fine with Arch for
Desktop usage.



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