Including Kernel to CD(was: Re: Good Idea for CRUX.)

Thierry Moreau thierry.moreau at
Fri May 28 18:22:03 UTC 2010

Clemens Koller wrote, in part:
> Hi, there!
> But all this is still a question about CRUX philosophy.
> IMO CRUX isn't KISS - compiling a kernel for your hardware just isn't KISS
> even for the advanced user. I still make some mistakes to suit a 
> (non-modular)
> kernel to my hardware if I have to do a config from scratch - even after 
> reading
> thousands of code lines during my kernel driver development work in the 
> past.
> Or: maybe it's a wise decision to _not_ provide a kernel binary to keep
> all the non-professional users away from penetrating the CRUX user base, 
> list
> and forum with birdbrained questions (What is Kernel Panic?) and stupid 
> suggestions
> (Reinstall... or take some other distro).

I would vote against including a kernel binary. Crux is intended for 
those who would, sooner or later, encounter a requirement for rebuilding 
the kernel for some reason. Thus, the installation-time kernel build is 
a reasonable first occurrence.

I came across Crux from a set of requirements *before* I could qualify 
as an "advanced user". The current Crux philosophy just worked fine for 
easing the learning curve for customized kernel/packages installation: 
not too steep, but not too many pitfalls hidden in automated scripts. 
Still, going through the learning has been, and will certainly be at 
occasions, a painful experience, but I don't see how the Crux 
maintainers can really make a difference.

What I hope is that maintainers have a light workload in the medium and 
long term so that Crux remains *available* in its current form (i.e. no 
project collapse after trying to achieve unrealistic goals).

Thanks, and best regards ...

- Thierry Moreau

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