Idea to promote

Alan alan+crux at
Fri May 28 20:27:47 UTC 2010

On Friday 28 May 2010 10:22:24 pm Justin wrote:
> I think it is a very good idea to incluse precompiled kernel option,
> just like in sourcemage.
> You said " who would choose the options" Well, I don't why it'd be
> that hard since almost every distro does it!
> Also, most of the people that are installing CRUX are only trying the
> distro, they only want to test if they like it. They could install
> faster with precompiled, and if they liked it, reinstall with compile
> kernel.

CRUX is not a common distro, its a do-it-yourself distro, so part of trying it 
is configuring and compiling the kernel yourself.  If you like to do this kind 
of thing then you will like it.
If you like things to just work from the beginning without going through the 
pain of doing things yourself, you can just use SUSE, Redhat, etc.

I'm not in favor including a precompiled kernel, but we could have some user 
contributed .config files in the wiki, this could be useful for some common 
hardware (ex: CRUX on qemu, vmware, soekris hardware), or even on a specific 
laptop model if a user cares to contribute it, although this will get outdated 
pretty soon.


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