Kernel building issue

Clemens Koller at
Wed Nov 3 18:50:09 UTC 2010

Hi, Wawrzek!

Am 03.11.2010 13:03, schrieb Wawrzyniec Niewodniczański:
> After another day of investigation I found that both /boot and /root
> have to be on RAID array with metadata 0.90 (at least for LILO).
> So now I have:
> md1 - (sd{a,b}1 - boot)
> md2 - (sd{a,b}2 - root)
> md3 - (sd{a,b}3 - LVM)
> Another thing I have found is that system doesn't add md3 automatic,
> so LVM is not initialize nor partition on it. I had to add
> /sbin/mdadm --assemble - scan
> to /etc/rc (line 16 - before device-mapper nodes creation)
> Before I'll update Wiki I would like to ensure that may finding are correct.

Feel free to update my article (mark the LVM specific changes) or create a new one.
I cannot really assist you further since I never used LVM and I have no
idea how LVM deals with RAIDs.

Did you test the RAID by hot-plugging a harddisk (SATA is usually no problem)
and rebooting the computer? LILO has to boot from each disk, no matter which
one failed. A new spare disk also needs LILO installed in the MBR...



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