cairo package

Emmanuel Benisty benisty.e at
Wed Sep 8 15:43:03 UTC 2010


I just read this earlier today:

I thought it may be interesting to share as I saw that cairo-1.10.0
(updated today on the CRUX-2.7 branch) is built with xcb enabled as
well (and I guess it's the same for the CRUX-2.6 branch).

Taking this opportunity to say that I just installed CRUX-2.7-rc2 this
week-end and I *really* enjoy it so far. I'm a 5 years old archer and
I am very impressed with the sheer simplicity and elegance of CRUX.
Thanks a lot to all you developers, contributors and users that made
it happen and make it live. I just found a new home.

-- Emmanuel

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