Kernel sometimes takes four or five resets to boot successfully

Sean Whitton sean at
Sun Dec 4 22:36:19 UTC 2011

Dear Bernd,

On 4 Dec 2011 at 20:52Z, Bernd Eggink wrote:

> I've been getting this message for quite a long time (don't remember
> since which kernel vesion), but all my Crux systems boot and run
> perfectly, so that's most probably not the reason for the kernel
> panic.


Yes, it’s a bug in the /etc/rc script, and it’s never stopped my boot
before—I was just writing it in my message to indicate what stage the
script it at before the boot problem hits—thanks for providing a
solution to something I’ve been meaning to fix for ages though!

> As to the real boot problem: Could it be a problem with your harddisk?
> Does the system boot reliably from CD-ROM?

I’ve never seen the problem booting from a CD nor booting to Windows, so
I don’t think it’s a HDD problem.

Thanks for your reply.

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