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samwyse samwyse at
Thu Dec 22 17:49:18 UTC 2011

I've built crux without any optional packages and am now trying to add
several contributed packages and am figuring out which of the opt packages
I need.  Running with the -r option, adds every Pkgfile found below the
current directory, which seems fairly useless.  I see two choices.  First
is to have a small wrapper script, like this:
 cd /etc/ports
for PORT in \
 opt/libxml2 contrib/lighttpd \
 opt/php \
 opt/libjpeg opt/libpng opt/libgd opt/freetype contrib/php-gd
 cd ${PORT}; pkgmk -d -i; cd ../..

The other idea (admittedly more SVR4-like) is to create a directory tree of
the pkgs I want to install, perhaps with symlinks back tot he /usr/ports
directories.  This suffers from the fact that pkgmk -r doesn't seem to
follow directory symlinks, so I'd have to create the tree with use lndir,
assuming crux had lndir by default.  :(

I've also tried enhancing the above script to scan each Pkgfile for a
"Depends on" line and installing those packages first, but I've discovered
that the line is usually missing or inaccurate.  :(

BTW, the good news for the community is that I'm doing this in VMware
Player, and am updating a wiki page as I go.  The page is , and it is referenced by, which I created following the style of the
Crux on Laptops page.
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