ports/opt (2.7): [notify] maradns: update to 1.4.08

crux at crux.nu crux at crux.nu
Fri Dec 30 16:41:32 UTC 2011

commit d4d0716b84b903f36b5ab19c3afde5bbef2fbb76
Author: Juergen Daubert <jue at jue.li>
Date:   Fri Dec 30 17:26:26 2011 +0100

    [notify] maradns: update to 1.4.08
    Security fix, see http://www.samiam.org/blog/20111229.html
    Note: I no longer use maradns but a combo of dnsmasq [1] and
    unbound [2] instead, so it might happen that I'll drop the port.
    Dnsmasq is a easy to configure authoritative DNS server with
    additional DHCP server and unbound a DNSSEC aware recursive,
    caching resolver. Highly recommended.
    [1] http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html
    [2] http://unbound.net/

diff --git a/maradns/.md5sum b/maradns/.md5sum
index 06115cf..a852ef6 100644
--- a/maradns/.md5sum
+++ b/maradns/.md5sum
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 6e2f5cfb258b8955fa345a2070b6c4b0  db.localhost
 020d9bffda1f19fa9287c80672554ecf  maradns
-799f7326fae8a3a2f9faae639e497bc0  maradns-1.4.07.tar.bz2
+e227904c213d42fcbcb9440ae827fb14  maradns-1.4.08.tar.bz2
 5b860ff2ae93ffe85ba24500618d17b8  mararc
diff --git a/maradns/Pkgfile b/maradns/Pkgfile
index e8d492b..ea7e2d6 100644
--- a/maradns/Pkgfile
+++ b/maradns/Pkgfile
@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
 # Maintainer:  Juergen Daubert, jue at crux dot nu
-source=(http://www.maradns.org/download/1.4/$version/maradns-$version.tar.bz2 \
+source=(http://www.maradns.org/download/1.4/maradns-$version.tar.bz2 \
         mararc maradns db.localhost)
 build () {

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