lvm2 on big endian ach like PPC and others.

Danny Rawlins monster.romster at
Wed Feb 9 12:39:07 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I have an important announcement for CRUX PPC folks, could someone
forwarded this onto the correct PPC mailing list.

Any one in here on PPC using LVM2 I have an important announcement?
Versions 2.02.75 to 2.02.83 inclusive calculated metadata checksums
incorrectly on big endian archs.

2.02.84 corrects this, metadata created with those versions can't be
read on little endian archs or on earlier or later versions.

Workaround for folk affected is to make sure their metadata backups are
up-to-date before upgrading to 2.02.84 then after the upgrade restore
the metadata from backup.

Quoted from agk in #lvm2

I'm not a dev on lvm2 but I am close to the lvm2 devalopment if you got
any suggestions let me know.

Danny Rawlins

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