Is this a "reportable" bug?

Juergen Daubert jue at
Wed Feb 9 17:52:11 UTC 2011

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 02:02:21PM +0000, Hazel Russman wrote:
> What counts as a reportable bug in Crux and what is "upstream" and 
> therefore someone else's responsibility? I ask because there is a 
> critical bug in Sylpheed v.310 (built last week) which seems to be 
> identical to one reported on the Debian list on 2nd February 
> (Bug #611855).

That's definitely a upstream bug and not within our scope.

As a general rule our ports provide plain upstream software
without CRUX specific patches that go beyond configuration.
As always there are exceptions, e.g. if the program is no
longer maintained upstream but still required for some reason.
An example might be core/tcp_wrappers, for which we use the
patches collected by gentoo.


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