Problems with xorg

brice brice.lopez at
Mon Feb 28 10:42:35 UTC 2011


I'm a french student (network and telecommunications), and a linux 
I come from a archlinux, but it was not enough optimised for my 

I just installed a crux on my compaq mini 311c on the last week end.
Everything was ok, until I had to launch openbox.

I installed :
- xorg
- openbox
- NVidia driver
- hald and dbus

When I types startx, openbox is lauched, but I can't use keyboard or 

I tried to change the keyboards and mouse drivers in xorg.conf. 
Drivers where "kbd" and "mouse", but it don't work better with "udev" 

Could somebody show me a xorg.conf which works?

Brice Lopez

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