Problems with xorg

brice brice.lopez at
Tue Mar 1 18:46:15 UTC 2011

On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:20:59 +0100, Fredrik Rinnestam
<fredrik at> wrote:
> The "correct" way of handling this is to build a kernel with INPUT_EVDEV
> enabled and ofcourse make sure xorg-xf86-input-evdev is installed.

Ok, that solution worked, thank you :-)
It was maybe a newbie mistake, but it was my first kernel build, so all
that is new for me.

After a night of compiling (the intel atom is really slow), Openbox
runs perfectly, and I can write this email from crux \o/

To do list :
-configure my wifi-card (I hate broadcom)
-configure distCC, the atom is to slow. My pentium IV debian server
could maybe help it?
-learn how works pkgmk and configure it
-try to optimize my kernel
-build a lot of packages (gmrun, terminator, wicd...)

Brice Lopez

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