CUPS 1.6.1 Printing

B Johnson ozar at
Wed Nov 7 05:24:10 UTC 2012

Hello, everyone... after a number of years away from CRUX, I'm now
running 64-bit CRUX 2.8 since the day it was released a few weeks ago
but having some issues with CUPS printing.

CUPS 1.6.1 sees the Brother HL-5250DN laser printer using a PPD file
(from and connected through a USB cable, and CUPS
allows me to configure the printer through the web interface.  It prints
a test page (after some delay) and it does allow printing from the
command line as root, or regular user.  However, none of my GUI apps
seem to communicate with the printer, and the only print options found
in the application print menus are "Print to file" or "Print to LPR". 
Using the Print to LPR option fails, nothing prints, and no errors show
up in the error log.

Having the usblp module blacklisted or loaded has made no difference. 
I've set the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf file for "debug" mode but see no
errors that would appear to cause this issue.  I've installed cups,
ghostscript, cups-filters, gutenprint, foomatic-filters, a2ps, and
psutils, but still the printer is not visible in any GUI app.

Several days have been spent searching the web for clues and I've tried
everything that looked to be a possible solution, but no luck.  Should
any of you have any ideas what the problem might be, I'd certainly
appreciate hearing about them.

Thank you all for any help you can offer.

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