Is it possible to use pusleaudio in crux?

Stefan Stefanov selectany at
Fri Nov 23 15:24:16 UTC 2012

Ok, I found some kind of automation (but not tried yet).
1. for i in $(find / -type f -name "*.so" -print0 2>/dev/null | xargs
-0 grep '' | cut -d' ' -f3); do prt-get fsearch
`basename $i` | grep 'Found'; done | sort -u | sed "s/\(.*\)./\1/" |
sed "s/.*\///"

2. prt-get update -fr -if -im `prt-get quickdep <package>`

First batch of commands finds all packages need to be rebuilt.
Second one rebuild each of those packages and all its dependencies.

PP: I must repeat 1. and 2. for binaries in /usr/bin

2012/11/23 Stefan Stefanov <selectany at>:
> Donald Cupp points me to the resolution of the problem i.e. removing
> from my system.
> This could be done be upgrading the package (libpthread-stubs) from
> 0.2 to 0.3 version.
> After moving to 0.3 version is gone, but there
> are many the dependency on libpthread-stubs,so.0.
> At the beginning the whole xorg must be rebuilt, but this is not the
> end of the story :)
> My DE still refuses to start (with startx) with errors of missing
> file (for example dbus).
> I need the some kind of automation to rebuild remaining packages which
> still rely on
> I use this commands to find all binaries which still need libpthread-stubs:
> for i in $(find / -type f -name "*.so" -print0 2>/dev/null | xargs -0
> grep '' | cut -d' ' -f3); do echo $i; done >
> stubs_deps.txt
> My question: How to print all packages (not just files as upper
> commands do) which need to be rebuilt (and probably include the build
> commands)?
> 2012/11/22 Stefan Stefanov <selectany at>:
>> The problem with pulseaudio is that crux use
>> instead from libc.
>> Thus, causes puseaudio to hangs in sem_wait() function from
>> I can see that other distros doesn't use and they
>> rely entirely on
>> Obviously cause problem in my case, but I cannot
>> just remove it.
>> If I remove it, pusleaudio complains that this library is missing and
>> I don't understand how to make pulseaudio to link against
>> instead
>> My question is how to make transition from to
>> and completely remove
>> 2012/11/19 Matt Housh <jaeger at>:
>>> On 11/18/2012 06:54 AM, Stefan Stefanov wrote:
>>>> Hello
>>>> I spend several days trying to make pulseaudio works, but without
>>>> success. Pulseaudio starts without errors, but it is not responding.
>>>> If I run "pacmd list" (or some other pulseaudio related cli tool),
>>>> all I get is "Daemon not responding".
>>>> The big problem is that there is no error messages in log files
>>>> about pulseaudio and it seam that pulseaudio works but it isn't.
>>>> Log messages only contains info messages about pulseaudio start
>>>> process.
>>>> I think that the real problem could be misconfigured permissions.
>>> Hello, Stefan,
>>> I don't think there are many PulseAudio users in CRUX (myself included)
>>> so you might have trouble getting help for it here. With that said, have
>>> you looked for extra debugging options for the daemon itself?
>>> Alternatively, running it in the foreground with strace? Perhaps one of
>>> those would give you some useful information.
>>> Good luck,
>>> Matt
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