Creating CRUX Ports

B Johnson ozar at
Wed Nov 28 21:59:23 UTC 2012

Good day, fellow CRUX users!

Do any of you know if there are any howto articles, or some kind of
primer available that would give someone with no programming experience
the knowledge they would need to create a few (hopefully simple) ports
for CRUX?  It may be that ports creation is totally out of the question
for someone in this position, and if that's the case I do understand.

Note that I've looked at the various articles in the wiki, and have
looked through the build files in quite a number of different CRUX ports
created by others.  I've also compared CRUX port files with build files
from a few other distributions, but I'm still unable to figure it out. 
Oh, and I found a script that supposedly builds simple CRUX ports, but I
fear that using it might produce packages that will mess up my system. 

Any tips or pointers from those of you with experience building CRUX
ports would certainly be most helpful and appreciated.


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