prt-get footprint mismatch ask-option?

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Hi Sebastian,

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> Hi,
> when I do a bigger prt-get action (like sysup) and a footprint mismatch
> occurs, the command exits. Often I don't notice it and when I look for my
> prt-get to see whether it has finished, I see, that it had stopped after
> the first package or something like this :-(
> I think the footprint checking is a good thing, but I also think, it would
> be better to handle it different. Exit on mismatch or use -if are both not
> really the best solution I think.
> My preferred solution would be to have a beep when a footprint mismatch is
> recognized with a continue y/n question to decide what to do.

I think Danny and Jürgen already covered a better way to cope with the
problem you see, however if you still feel playing with your idea of having
an interactive prompt you can easily do that by writing a wrapper for
pkgmk, checking for the error code indicating a footprint mismatch, and
then asking the user what to do. You can then configure prt-get to use your
wrapper as 'makecommand' as shown in Danny's mail. This way, you can have
the behaviour you want without changing any of the existing tools.

HTH, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann
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