How build (pkgmk) a port under different (non-root) user credentials?

Пламен Петров plamen at
Sun Mar 24 10:25:33 UTC 2013

На 24.3.2013 г. 04:52, Predrag Ivanovic написа:
> On Sat, 23 Mar 2013 14:59:04 +0200
> Пламен Петров wrote:
>> Hello, list!
>> I'm trying to make a port for CRUX, but one of the packages has the
>> requirement to be built as a regular, restricted, non-root user.
>> How should I go about this?
>> Can I add a temporary user to the system for the build purposes inside
>> of Pkgfile and on the end - remove the user id?
>> Is there a better approach?
>> Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Just to close the subject after my somewhat thorough investigation of 
the matter:

There is no way to create a port, that will after executing
  pkgadd package#version.tgz
build as a non-privileged user on a **freshly installed** and updated 
CRUX system.

End of story.

If some of the port creators out there need such a thing - the better 
approach is to work out/patch the sources of the software which has such 

Thanks for all opinions on the matter - some proved really helpful!

And just to clear it up a bit further - fakeroot is something a user 
chooses to do to his system. It will do exactly that - run pkgmk under 
non-root credentials. However - it is not found on a default install of 
CRUX, and after setup - it allow building of any package as non-root.

I was trying to create a port that will both work on a clean CRUX 
install and be built as non-root user. Fakeroot does not help in this 

Thanks again,
Plamen Petrov

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