CruxEX 2014 (CRUX 3.0) Live USB with LXDE and kernel 3.12.6

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Thought I ought to share my correspondence with your member James Mills re.
the difference between CruxEX and CRUX - see below.

It might have common interest.

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Well, you can of course do that (and be happy) but it is time consuming.
CruxEX is a "full" Linux (CRUX) system with X etc. As I said before you can
install CruxEX in five minutes to a USB stick or to your hard drive.

Best regards



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How is this any different than me installing

stock CRUX on a USB stick with a custom kernel

with "extras everything"? :)


Just asking!





PS: I'm not lazy!

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Well, CruxEX is targeted towards the same Linux users who like CRUX. I.e.
people with some Linux experience, who are not too lazy. Also people who
would like to test a CRUX system "live" before a hard drive installation.
You can run CruxEX from a USB stick with persistence. All system changes
(including new program installations) will be saved on the stick. If you
later on decide to install CruxEX to hard drive all changes will follow. A
hard drive installation takes about five minutes! So perhaps CruxEX is for
some lazy people after all! 

I'm on "vacation" right now. The number of exton distributions has decreased
from 66 (all time high in June 2011) to 13. See a
<> complete LIST. It was a bit too
much for me to keep 66 distributions up to date. All exton distributions on
the Swedish Linux Society's FTP Server can be reached
<> HERE. All exton
distributions in English (English locale) can also be dowloaded from
<> Looking after 13
distributions feels just right for me at the moment. I have no difficulty to
keep them updated as you can see.

I have been doing this for many years now so I have my own methods. I do
everything alone. Of course I use some scripts, but not really any
"automated tools". 

Best regards
C A Exton

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Nice work. Who is this targeted towards?

I notice you do this for many other distros as well?

Do you have a team doing this or a bunch of automated tools?


On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 12:31 AM, C A Exton < <mailto:info at>
info at> wrote:

I've made a new version of CruxEX Live.

CruxEX 3.0 2014 64bit Linux Live USB is based on  <> CRUX 3.0
(latest version, released 130119). CruxEX 3.0 2014 uses the
<> LXDE Desktop environment. I have replaced the original
CRUX kernel with "my" special kernel 3.12.6-x86_64-exton, with support for
"extra everything".

Kernel 3.12.6 is the latest available stable kernel as of 140108. Among all
installed and updated applications are Firefox 26.0, Gimp 2.8.10 and
<> Wicd. Furthermore compilation tools so that
you can install programs from source.

CruxEX is very easy to install to hard drive and/or a USB pen drive. Takes
about 5 min.


140108   /C A Exton

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