gcc and updates of packages in core

Cédric grandspas at opmbx.org
Thu Apr 16 20:33:30 UTC 2015


thank you very much for your answers.

> When the CRUX monkeys decide its time for a new release, a new branch
> will be created for core,opt,xorg and incompatible changes will only be
> committed to those branches.
> Yes, a local port is the right answer if you're adventurous. Though in
> your case im convinced something else is wrong.

After this problem I had time to think to my switch to Crux. As you say,
probably there is another problem for gimp, but for sure the problem
with zathura has to do with the version of gcc. I think I better have to
keep a distribution with rolling release. My switch is not finished and
I already see some troubles. 

Thank you for all your help!



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