Contrib repository licensing

jonesd at jonesd at
Sat Apr 25 19:13:59 UTC 2015

> A very good question.
> As many contributors contribute to this repository
> (including myself) I'm not sure there is a license
> for the whole repository as such?
> I tend to license my own work as MIT myself
> but including a LICENSE per port would seem a bit
> counter productive IHMO.

By default, it seems that the repository would fall under one of the  
two possibilities below if there isn't a specific license for it.

   * No licenses are specified for the scripts, therefore they remain  
under the author's copyright with no license and thus are proprietary.
   * The ports system is considered one piece of software and thus the  
scripts fall under the viral clause of the GPL.

I also think that a license per port could be counter productive.  A  
default license for the repository would make more sense, perhaps with  
a LICENSE option for those who really didn't want that license.


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