clang: installation fails

Cezar Rangel cezar.rangel at
Fri Jan 16 00:30:51 UTC 2015

I checked and found out that the kernel had already been compiled with the
feature CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y, Alan, thanks for your return and attention. which
other features could possibly disturb xorg?

2015-01-15 20:25 GMT-02:00 Alan Mizrahi <alan+crux at>:

> Cezar Rangel <cezar.rangel at> escribió:
>  Good news! Finally clang is ok! Like Pedja builds fine on my machine too
>> but only concerning clang. so, when I try chromium, in the end comes an
>> error:
>> file "/usr/lib/python2.7/multiprocessing/synchronized/.py" line 59, in
>> <module> "function, sec issue 3770") Import error: this plataform lacks  a
>> functioning sem_open implementation, therefore, the required
>> synchronization...will not function, see issue 3770".
> You should compile your kernel with CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y.
> This and maybe other missing kernel features are probably the reason that
> you are having problems with Xorg too.
> Alan
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