CRUX-ARM running on a BeagleBone Black

Bernd Eggink monoped at
Thu Nov 5 18:02:35 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I just ventured to install CRUX-ARM on my BBB, expecting all kinds of 
problems... but there weren't any! I only had to add sshd to the 
SERVICES, as thre is neither a keyboard nor a display attached. I'm very 
happy, thanks to the maintainers for the good work!

The first `prt-get sysup' (including a gcc update) ran for about 24 
hours, but that could be expected. There was only one glitch: The 
'libpcre' port misses the dependency 'automake'. It compiled well in the 
2nd run.

I hope we'll get a Crux-ARM 3.2 in the foreseeable future!?


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