CRUX-ARM running on a BeagleBone Black

Bernd Eggink monoped at
Sun Nov 8 23:24:55 UTC 2015

On 08.11.2015 15:46, Fredrik Rinnestam wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 08, 2015 at 04:16:21PM +0100, Víctor Martínez wrote:
>> El 05/11/2015 19:02, Bernd Eggink <monoped at> escribió:
>>> Hi all,
>> Hey Bernd,
>>> I just ventured to install CRUX-ARM on my BBB, expecting all kinds of
>>> problems... but there weren't any! I only had to add sshd to the
>>> SERVICES, as thre is neither a keyboard nor a display attached. I'm very
>>> happy, thanks to the maintainers for the good work!
>> Thank you very much for the feedback and info provided. Glad that things go as expected  on an unnofficial device :)
>>> The first `prt-get sysup' (including a gcc update) ran for about 24
>>> hours, but that could be expected. There was only one glitch: The
>>> 'libpcre' port misses the dependency 'automake'. It compiled well in the
>>> 2nd run.
>> I've took a fast look into libpcre issue and it isn't an overlayed port, this means it should be fixed upstream in CRUX (may be adding a bug in flyspray can help to avoid other people this problem).
> This is not a bug and it is sort of intentional. We only list linked
> core-ports in the dependencies. If we listed everything the dependencies
> would soon be *very* long. For instance more or less all crux ports
> depends on "make" but its not listed anywhere. Same with basic stuff
> like a shell (/bin/sh) etc.
> We are assuming that the core ports always are installed.

OK, that sounds reasonable, thanks for the clarification.


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