Libreoffice and harfbuzz

Daryl F wyatt at
Sat Apr 30 00:32:27 UTC 2016

On Mon, 25 Apr 2016, Hazel Russman wrote:

> I currently have harfbuzz locked at version 1.1.2 for compatibility with 
> LO. I notice that there is a new version of LO in the pipeline. Does 
> anyone know if this is compatible with the current version of Harfbuzz 
> (1.2.6)?

LO 5.1.1 in contrib and harfbuzz 1.2.4 in opt would compile but when I 
tried to run any of the executables I got the splash screen and then a 
segfault. The programs never started.

The LO pre-release works fine with harfbuzz 1.2.4 for me. I didn't 
try 1.2.6.

I suspect it is due to other ports I have installed that are linked in 
because they exist when I compile one of the pieces needed for LO but I 
never could track down which one.


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