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Sat Dec 3 13:49:01 UTC 2016

On Sat, Dec 3, 2016, 14:06 David L. Craig <dlc.usa at> wrote:

> If simple updates/rollbacks are
> your prime consideration, you'll like a flavor of Mint but
> swallow its dependence on systemd.

I guess I'll need rollbacks with any source based distro because the builds
might fail or crash after install. Right?

I would like to have rollback support even with a binary based distro. I've
regreted every upgrade of libreoffice for example.

Most new versions make programs behave different, and in many cases this
means worst. The rollback is a tool to workaround these problems. Another
one is docker/containers/kvm. I don't care which one I use as long as it
doesn't come with a bigger problem.

Also, I would like to avoid upgrades. When I can choose from two apps I
consider the CVE history and the dependencies list.

systemd is too much. I've like it until I've start fighting with it.

But they make it easy for
> everyone to just USE Linux

I will try Mint on one of my machines because I'm curious. Now it has
Ubuntu 16.10. I've tried to start one of my script which starts some
program in the background. I couldn't from nautilus (or whatever). I had to
launch it from Terminal. And when I've closed the Terminal my program was
killed too. Not funny.

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