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> > Most new versions make programs behave different, and in many cases this
> > means worst.
> Most new versions add security patches.  Most of us think that's
> very important.  If you avoid the bleeding edge...

LOL. Don't get me wrong. I find security patches important too. I'll
religiously update some programs, but mostly I will not, and I remove them
when I can. On Ubuntu I've found rpcbind listening on my network card. I
couldn't remove it because it was "required". I stopped/disabled the
service instead, but that will not free me from rpcbind updates. Another
example is this: I prefer to install and update qmail instead of postfix.

The Debian Unstable (Sid) distro is a rolling distro, but it
> breaks occassionally.

In the last 15 years I've tried all kind of combinations between Debian
branches. The bureaucracy and the fact that Debian Technical Commettee
considered two init systems (upstart and systemd) that doesn't always boot
(read and
picked one of that as default, destroyed any trust I had in them to follow
quality and stability.

Upgrade distros are generally much more
> tested than their rolling counterparts.

What kind of distro do you consider Crux is?
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