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> So, by upgrading regularly, any problem will be on my own? No surprises on
> official packages not matching between each other?
> Is there an easy way to install packages in another directory, like Kwort
> has?
> I see that Crux based distros are not mentioned on wiki. Do you know more
> than those mentioned on distrowatch? - Kwort, Thinstation and Nutyx

These are questions I'm not sufficiently experienced to answer, so perhaps
others will chime in.  While I am unfamiliar with Kwort, I can say the CRUX
approach to applying the FOSS package recipe (usually:` download upstream
tarball, expand in workdir, configure, make, make install) is encapsulated
in the pkgmk utility that always installs everything using a branch of the
workdir as the target rootdir for the install (often done using fakeroot),
then creates a "package file", another tarball that features that rootdir
branch.  The pkgadd utility is then run on the target CRUX system by the
root user to (conceptually--it's a bit more complicated) expand the package
file into a tempdir and cp -a the rootdir branch into / (and maintaining a
list of all pkgmk-installed files on that system called /var/lib/pkg/db).
The pkgrm utility undoes what pkgadd did for a particular package save any
files that preexisted the pkgadd are not recovered.  The rejmerge utility
assists in merging package file components that experience conflicts during
pkgadd, such as customized config files.

On a CRUX system, it is considered at best bad form to be root for the
make install phase of the standard recipe.  The proper approach is to
"port" the package into a CRUX "port" yourself and then using pkgmk/add
on your creation to invoke the standard recipe.
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