Too afraid to try Crux, too nice to forget

z3bra willy at
Mon Dec 5 07:50:50 UTC 2016

B B wrote:
> > What kind of distro do you consider Crux is?
> Upgrade.  Each release of CRUX, accompanied by a new installation
> ISO, provides a new build toolchain, and can be update-installed
> on existing systems.

New releases are not that common (approx. 1/year), so I tend to consider
crux more a rolling-release than an upgrade distro. "Upgrading" crux
can be as easy as

	sed -i 's/<old-version>/<new-version>/' /etc/ports/*
	ports -u
	prt-get sysup

So you're only adding one step (updating remote folder) to your typical
system updates.

> So, by upgrading regularly, any problem will be on my own? No surprises on
> official packages not matching between each other?

That's what I tend to believe. I had a bunch of issues with my fresh
install, but the more you use it, the less likely it will break.
>From time to time, you'll need to use `revdep(1)` in order to rebuild
incorrectly linked softwares, but regarding official packages, you
shouldn't have any bad surprise.

> Is there an easy way to install packages in another directory, like Kwort
> has?

None that I'm aware of. I use another package manager for that.

> I see that Crux based distros are not mentioned on wiki. Do you know more
> than those mentioned on distrowatch? - Kwort, Thinstation and Nutyx

There is archlinux! Not based, but inspired by crux. For the others,
I've never tried them, but I discussed with the Nutyx team some times
ago. Their package manager is based off crux's, but has been greatly
changed along the way (binary packages support for example).
They also had a different concept regarding package management, to
allow finer selection, ala Alpine where you have all the -dev, -doc
packages. But with much much more granularity. I don't know if they
managed to do it in the end.


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