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Sun Dec 11 16:15:42 UTC 2016

Hello Mitchell,

first: I'm just a user, not a dev, so maybe someone may correct me, but:

It is expected, that all ports from core are installed. The same does
not apply for opt, contrib, etc. Thus, the following only applies for core.

Dependencies in core are listed, iff they are dynamically linked in.

You won't list dependency 'patch', just because your Pkgfile applies a
You won't list bash, just because the installation process needs it.
You won't list bash, just because the installed program needs it (not
dynamically linked) - e.g. because it uses a bash script.
However, you will list libarchive if your port needs it at runtime.

The last one is useful (as the wiki mentions) to detect updates of ports
in core which trigger a need to rebuild dependent ports.


P.S.: Sry, Mitchell, the first mail was only adressed to you.

On 11.12.2016 16:45, Mitchell wodach wrote:
> Hello CRUX community,
> I'm having trouble understanding the porting guidelines. Specifically
> the listing of dependencies.
> What i don't understand is the second bullet point of this guideline.
> Could i have some more examples and dose it only apply for deps in
> core or do I  apply it to all runtime deps? Even if they are in opt
> etc...?
> core' contains essential packages for a CRUX system, and our scripts
> and ports expect the programs provided by 'core' to be installed; this
> means that
> build dependencies provided by core are not listed in the dependency header
> run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are
> not to be listed, either
> Thanks,
> Mitchell
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