installing CRUX

Anthony LaTorre tlatorre at
Fri Jul 1 16:49:26 UTC 2016


I'm trying to install CRUX 2.7.1 on a Pentium 3 single board computer
with 512 MB of RAM. The data sheet for the SBC is here:

I'm booting from a CD ROM and after I get to the "boot: " prompt and
hit enter everything goes OK until I get to:

* Copying files from squashfs

at which point everything goes haywire. Sometimes I get "cp: read
error" messages, sometimes it segfaults, but I've never been able to
get past this point.

I should mention that the only hard drive on the machine is an 8 GB
compact flash card, I don't know if that's relevant.

Any ideas on whether I might be able to get this to work or not?



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