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Jose Vicente Beneyto sepen at
Tue Jul 26 10:08:41 UTC 2016


On 21/07/16 06:57, manu wrote:
> Actually, the chrome 'sync services' aren't available because the 
> Pkgfile in
> opt/chromium doesn't build with api keys. You can generate/build with 
> these keys
> using the following instructions[1]. I believe there's also an option 
> to provide
> the keys at runtime. That should fix your problems with syncing.
> [...]

As I note in the README, for versions greather than 23.x.x.x they 
restricted or removed support for unkeyed requests, so unless you have 
set up your API keys some of the functionality of Chromium (e.g. “Sign 
into Chromium …”) may stop working altogether

> On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 05:47:18AM +0000, Alex Matviychuk wrote:
>> So the implication then is that this was broken on Google's end 
>> rather than
>> some issue with the crux build?
>> Not sure why they wouldn't just harvest my info on crux just as 
>> easily as
>> on other platforms. Is anyone running into this on non-crux builds of
>> chromium?

I never believed it necessary to hardcode API keys in the port since 
CRUX is not a binary distribution and this can be done without problems 
in runtime by environment variables.

The easiest way is to create your own API keys following the notes[1] in 
the README  and add them for example to your ~/.bashrc

$ cat >> ~/.bashrc << __EOF__

In any case, today I will update the port again. ATM I'm building 
Chromium 52.0.2743.82 which includes 48 security fixes.


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