CRUX 3.2 installation on a box with a USB keyboard

Vitaly Sinilin vs at
Sun Jul 31 14:13:03 UTC 2016


After 3 years of using Debian I still haven't got used to it so I am
switching back to CRUX and will probably produce some noise in this
mailing list from now on.

First of all I want to thank all people who maintain the distro. It's
really great that CRUX is alive and under active development.

Now, to my first finding.

I tried to install CRUX 3.2 on a box that has keyboard and mouse
connected via a USB KVM switch and I got (for another reason) into
a situation, when /init was unable to find CRUX media and asked me to
mount it myself.

That was exactly what I wanted but, sadly enough, the installation
initramfs had no hid-generic.ko so my keyboard was no use.

I believe this use case is pretty rare, but nevertheless if there is no
strict constraint on the initramfs size (hid-generic.ko is just ~4k), I
think the driver is worth adding to initramfs or be compiled right into
the kernel.

Vitaly Sinilin <vs at>

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