Is it okay if I compile the kernel with the default config?

manu maraku at
Tue Aug 1 05:07:12 UTC 2017

A config file that is 'guaranteed' to work would have a large number of options
enabled. This results in a kernel that is larger (modules + bzImage size) and 
less 'lean'. This will also take a *long* time to build. If the crux iso booted 
properly for you and all you want is enabled (ethernet interfaces and the such),
then you can grab the kernel & the modules from the iso and put it in your new 

However, I'd recommend configuring your kernel to only have what you want. This
will take less time to compile and will take less space. You also get to learn
about some neat features in the kernel after poking around (like ASLR for

Have fun!


On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 11:56:35AM +0700, Azure Zanculmarktum wrote:
>On 8/1/17, Steve Volumetric <volumetricsteve at> wrote:
>> you're gounna have a bad time.  try :
>> make localmodconfig
>> and go from there
>> also ensure that whatever your boot drive is formatted in is built entirely
>> into your kernel, not modular
>But is there .config file that is guaranteed to work with CRUX?
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