AW: Help with net configuration

Daryl F wyatt at
Wed Jan 11 20:38:19 UTC 2017

On Wed, 11 Jan 2017, Daryl F wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jan 2017, francisco dominguez wrote:
>> Its solved with bridge mode in vbox.
>> But i have problem with ports system, i did add enlightenment port to
>> /etc/ports, this:
>> After i type "ports -u" and all ok, but i havent the
>> "/usr/ports/enlightenment" why?
> When you ran ports -u did you see it try to update the enlightment files?
> Also you can run ports -u enlightenemnt to only update that one repo.
> Please remember to CC the crux mail list so other can benefit from your 
> experiences.
> -Daryl

I put

# Collection enlightenment, by pitillo at ono dot com
# File generated by the CRUX portdb

in /etc/ports/enlightenment.rsync and ports -u enlightement gave:

# ports -u enlightenment
Updating file list from
Updating collection enlightenment
  Checkout ./
  Checkout bullet/
  Checkout terminology/Pkgfile
Finished successfully


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