AW: Help with net configuration

Daryl F wyatt at
Sat Jan 14 16:22:56 UTC 2017

On Sat, 14 Jan 2017, Alan Mizrahi wrote:

>>             Not i cant see it, i see only this when run "ports -u
>>             enlightenment" :
>>                 Updating file list from <> : :
>>                 ports/crux-3.2/enlightenment
>>                 updating collection enlightenment
>>                 skipping non-regular file "enlightenment"
>>                 Finished succesfully
> Check your /etc/ports/enlightenment.rsync, it should have:
> collection=ports/crux-3.2/enlightenment/
> The last slash is important, because ports/crux-3.2/enlightenment is
> actually a symbolic link in the server, which it will not follow without
> the trailing slash, hence you get this message:
> skipping non-regular file "enlightenment"
> Alan

Thanks Alan. I didn't see this until after I posted again as my ISP had 
been down for a day. Hopefully this is the issue Franciso's is running 
into. This is a lot easier to check than an strace output :)


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